It is the knowledge that counts especially the knowledge of your business ecosystem. CRM is the programmatic version of the Moleskine notebooks that every successful entrepreneur used to carry in their pocket. Nowadays every successful company has a CRM system that they use to track all their business related data to help building up the corporate identity and organizational memory.

Think about a pin board that you could attach all your contacts, to-do lists, portfolios, emails, sales, quotes, campaigns and integrate all these with your business flow; this is what we call XRM. Your customer information with a 3600 view on every step of the business. Regardless of the volume and sector all companies have business acquaintances and it is always better to know the one on the other side of the table. If you know what they want it is easier to help them to get to it.

What to expect from CRM
The good thing about CRM is that it does not focus on your core business; it just clears all the peripheral noise and let you focus on what you do best. Say you were to build cars, we might not help you on building the engine but we definitely can help you to have the happy, satisfied customers that love your brand.

Collaboration and unified communication is major outputs of CRM, in short it is a tool that lets your team stay customer-centric. CRM helps businesses and governments stay focused on their customers with innovative and effective approaches to marketing, sales and customer service.

Decision Cloud’s CRM help organizations to deliver satisfying and profitable customer experiences that foster customer loyalty, support growth, and enable high performance.

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