A clearly defined social media strategy is the key to commercial success from social media.

Your social media strategy should address the needs of your audience while also delivering value to your business. In other words, how you use social media should be aligned with your over-arching business or brand strategy.

This is never straightforward, as social media touches several different areas of a business – from product development and innovation, to customer service, marketing and PR. That’s why it’s critical to have buy-in from all relevant stakeholders, across teams and departments, in order to ensure your social media strategy can be implemented successfully.

Without a clear direction, social media can pull you in all directions.
DecisionCloud will ensure that your social media strategy is based on your core brand values and key strategic goals, giving you results that are sustainable, measurable and insightful.

DecisionCloud works closely with you and your stakeholders to help you take a unified approach to your social media strategy. We’ll look at your long-term strategy, as well as tactical campaign management and "quick wins".

We’ll also help you define metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) to give you a framework for measuring the value of your social media activity.

To help encourage your staff to get involved with social media, we’ll develop "best practice" guidelines and policies for both internal and external communication, ensuring that we safeguard your online reputation.

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